The Town of Sylvan Lake Rural Renewal Stream Program has been paused to allow town administration the opportunity to evaluate the program’s effectiveness for the community, our employers, and their employees. 

What happens to the letter applications that have not gone to a community Partnership Meeting yet or the ones businesses haven’t had a chance to submit?

  • The letter application form will remain open until February 2, 2024 at 4:00 PM for employers.
  • These letter applications will be reviewed at the February 8, 2024 Community Partnership meeting as planned and letters will be sent out to employee’s within two weeks of the meeting, per our normal process.
  • After Feb 2, 2024, no new letter applications will be accepted until such a time when the program is no longer paused.

When will the program be un-paused?

  • At this time, there is no date to restart the program. An email will be sent out to employers advising them about the status of the program.

How can employers and employee’s in the program contribute feedback?

  • Employers and employee’s can provide feedback through a feedback form and survey that will be sent out at the end of February.
  • Employers and employee’s can send an email with their feedback at anytime to

Where can I look for information and updates about the program?

  • Updates will be made to the website and approved employers will be emailed directly regarding updates.

Settlement Support Services 

  • Province of Alberta: Immigrate to Alberta
  • Government of Canada: Newcomer Services
  • Care for Newcomers – Regional Settlement Practitioner  
  • Interpretation & Translation, improving English skills, Settlement Support in Schools, community connections, documentation, accessing basic needs, mentorship and volunteer opportunities
  • Central Alberta Immigrant Women’s Association (CAIWA)
  • Driver’s Licence
    • Sylvan Lake Registries Inc. 
    • 150 Pelican Place, Sylvan Lake, Alberta T4S 1K2, Canada 
    • Phone 403 887 2102
    • Email:
  • General Information 
    • Phone: 211 (Interpretation Available)